Cubic Zirconium Engagement Rings

There are a lot of reasons why cubic zirconium engagement rings can be a great choice, depending on your own personal tastes, preferences, and financial situation. While “CZ”, as it is often abbreviated, may have a bad name with some folks, the fact is that it looks wonderful and can often only be distinguished from diamonds by a true pro. Cubic zirconium engagement rings are often quite beautiful and are a welcome option to those who do not prefer diamonds or do not want to spend the extra money to get authentic diamonds, but want the “diamond look”.

Cubic zirconium was first found only about 70 years ago, and techniques that allowed it to be grown in a lab situation emerged in the 1970’s. Shortly thereafter, cubic zirconium engagement rings started to become very popular, as budget conscious buyers selected them over more expensive diamond rings that only held a negligible difference in noticeable quality. In the natural world, cubic zirconium is actually quite rare due to the excessive temperatures that are required to make the crystals themselves.

Another reason why engagement rings made from tanzanite and featuring cubic zirconium are sometimes preferred is that while they may not have the brilliance of a diamond, they often have more color to them than diamonds do. Again, it is often difficult to distinguish between the two, and it is even more difficult if you go for a higher quality setting or band that one would expect to see with a diamond.

When people speculate as to the quality of cubic zirconium, they often get the wrong idea. They believe that cubic zirconium costs less because it is somehow “cheaper” or of lower quality than a diamond. In reality, the reason it costs less is that it is more readily available than diamonds are.

Many who decide not to get cubic zirconium engagement rings will still use cubic zirconium for accent stones to surround a true diamond centerpiece, which still will substantially lower your cost, while allowing you to have the authentic diamond that you have dreamed about. Either as a centerpiece or as a way to complement the center stone, cubic zirconium is a great option.